Integrate Your Website with Your Legacy Applications

Graphic Chamber Custom Software Development

Customization Programming can fall into several categories of your website needs and your wants. Once there is a determination that you require some custom programming on your website, our job is to find that software solution.


Custom Programming
Graphic Chamber provides Custom Programming

The bottom line is to identify your specific custom needs and then determine the software options available to you. We will help guide you through this process and provide a detailed quote covering the options available. Please feel free to Contact Us for a Consultation.

WordPress Solution Options

For sites that run WordPress and your request doesn’t quite fit with any Plugins out there, we can determine a list of options for you. Often there are near-fit Plugins that do most of what you want, and you would want us to extend its features by customizing that plugin for you. We can also write custom code that is independent of any plugin for use on your WordPress website. Together we can go over the possible options and find the best fit for your needs.

The power of WordPress is in its constantly updated Core Software, Plugins and Themes all written in PHP and open source code format that any PHP programmer can read and modify. We also take great care in making sure any modifications to your WordPress Plugins or Themes will not be overwritten by updates to WordPress.

Custom Website Options

For websites that are built using customized PHP templates and some form of administrative online back-end, we can extend any of its functionality as needed. Our experience with custom-built websites spans over a decade as the technology has evolved. Often you have features on your current website you want to keep, but nothing off the shelf can replace it. You have likely spent time and money over the years customizing your database and front-end and back-end features and want to keep them. We can incorporate your custom code into a newer site framework as needed.